Training programme

In-depth study of preparatory disciplines followed by a scientific project in one of the following:

  • Clinical/Experimental Medicine and Cellular Physio-pathology: biomarkers in Cardiovascular and Renal Disease; Therapeutic Innovations in Cardiovascular Disease; Biomarkers of Cellular Damage;
  • Genomic Medicine: identifying biomolecular markers for in-vitro diagnosis, follow-up and prediction of therapeutic response; Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for the evaluation and transfer of biotechnology;
  • Technological, microbiological and therapeutic innovations for transplants and vascular surgery: new surgical procedures in organ transplants and vascular surgery; the identification of new diagnostic tools in bacterial, fungal and viral infections;
  • Molecular Medicine: the molecular mechanisms of endocrine, respiratory, haematological and oncological diseases; bioinformatics applied to medical science;
  • Molecular and genomic biomedicine and complex systems – The cellular and molecular bases of phenotypes: computational analysis, the genomic and biomolecular profiling of complex neoplastic and degenerative pathologies;
  • Advanced technological platforms for diagnosis and therapy: the development of new diagnostic technologies; genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic platforms; cardiovascular imaging and device implants.