Course Overview

Dietistic is a health profession which studies food, nutrition and food policy as per current norms.

Dietistic graduates are autonomous health professionals in the technical-health sector (It. Law 10th August 2000, no. 251, article 3.1) who carry out the necessary technical procedures for diagnosing biological materials or people for pathologies which develop in adulthood or in old age. They should also be proficient in 1 other EU language within their professional sector.

As health professionals, Dietistic graduates are also administered by the Ministry of Health decree of 14th September 1994, no. 744 and its subsequent modifications. They are trained in the correct application of food and nutrition including instructional aspects and collaboration in activating current food policies.

Dietistic graduates organise and coordinate those activities specific to food in general and to dietetics in particular; they collaborate with all the agencies whose remit is health hygiene in the food services; they devise, formulate and fulfil diets prescribed by doctors and they check their application by the patient; they collaborate with other health professionals in the multidisciplinary treatment of eating disorders; they study and work out the composition of diets which meet the nutritional needs of population groups and they organise community food services for the healthy and unwell; they carry out didactic/instructional work aimed at informing the public about good dietary principles so as to rehabilitate and maintain a good state of health for individuals, communities and the general public.

The course is both theoretical and practical and covers all the necessary competences for immediate workplace application. The course includes a theoretical/practical apprenticeship in day hospitals or other healthcare centers. T

The apprenticeship is supervised by a tutor and coordinated by a core-subject lecturer as per EU norms.

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