Academic Year 2018/2019 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff: Salvatore Menza
Credit Value: 3
Taught classes: 21 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

The course of "Glottology and Linguistics" aims to provide students with theoretical basis of the language’s scientific study in relation to extralinguistic elements.

The parts A. and B. provide reflection on the relationship between language, thought and culture. The main concepts of ethnolinguistics – science that studies how language contributes to the building of knowledge, of the categories of analysis, in other words, of the "vision of the world", of a community – are dealt with. To better understand the ways in which this relationship is realized, the concept of "food culture" and its rebuilding through the words of the food contained in the Italian lexicon (and Sicilian lexicon) are also discussed.

Part C. provides the theoretical basis of the testuality and aims to reflect students on the textual competence of the speaker, as the ability to recognize and produce texts through the interaction between linguistic knowledge and encyclopedic-pragmatic knowledge.

Course Structure

Lectures and participated lessons, with the support of multimedia presentations.

Detailed Course Content

A - Concepts and topics of ethnolinguistics (1 Credit)

  1. The relationship between language and society.
  2. Language structures and cultural systems.
  3. The magic of the name.
  4. Communication tools and communicative competence.
  5. The functions of the language in the cultural context.


B - The "food culture" through the words of Italian and Sicilian (1 Credit)

  1. The analogy between language and cuisine
  2. The concept of "food culture": food between language, culture and identity.
  3. The words of the food in the Sicilian lexicon. One case studies: gallicisms in the Sicilian lexicon.


C - Textual competence (1 Credit)

  1. What is a text.
  2. How to build a text.
  3. The punctuation function.
  4. Elements of scientific texts: quotations, notes, bibliography.

Textbook Information

A - Concepts and topics of ethnolinguistics (1 Credit)

1. - Giorgio Raimondo Cardona, Introduzione all’etnolinguistica, UTET 2006, pp. 3-13 e 63-202.

B - The "food culture" through the words of Italian and Sicilian (1 Credit)

2. - Anna Martellotti, Linguistica e cucina, Olschki 2012: cap. 1 (“Cucinistica generaleˮ, pp. 1-53).

3. - Iride Valenti, Gallicismi nella cultura alimentare della Sicilia, Centro di studi filologici e linguistici siciliani, Palermo 2011: in particolare “Introduzione” pp. 23-52.

4. - Nara Bernardi, Salvatore D’Onofrio, Il cibo, le parole e il corpo, in M. Castiglione e G. Rizzo, Parole da gustare. Consuetudini alimentari e saperi linguistici, Centro di studi filologici e linguistici siciliani, Palermo 2007, pp. 87-93.

C - Textual competence (1 Credit)

5. - Giovanni Gobber, Moreno Morani, Linguistica generale, McGraw-Hill Education 2014: cap. 8 (“Elementi di linguistica del testo”, pp. 133-146).

6. - Roberto Lesina, Il Nuovo Manuale di Stile, Zanichelli 2009: cap. 2 (“Struttura funzionale del testoˮ, pp. 46-66), cap. 6 (“Punteggiatura”, pp. 111-129), cap. 13 (“Citazioni”, pp. 250-256), cap. 14 (“Note”, pp. 257-268), cap. 15 (“Riferimenti bibliografici”, pp. 269-285).