Academic Year 2018/2019 - 3° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 6
Scientific field
Taught classes: 42 hours
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Learning Objectives

  • Organization Theory and Design

    The course is aimed at: - illustrate the specificity of '"Organization" as a field of study and the contributions of "Organization"; - provide some cognitive elements essential to deal with the study of organizational literature and its evolution; - provide elements on the main thematic area of organizational design (organizational design). In particular, we will analyze in detail the following choices of organizational design: the design of the organization of working people, work processes, organizational structures and information and information systems; - frame the issues of "personnel management" and "organizational change management". The student will have the opportunity to take possession of tools for the analysis and interpretation of organized bodies, companies and institutions, both approaching the study of the texts produced by major authors of organizational theory both case studies that highlight and illustrate organizational issues and practices adopted for their resolution. In addition, they will know in detail the organizational reality of SSR and healthcare companies.

Detailed Course Content

  • Organization Theory and Design

    1. The concept of Organization. 2. Theories and main organizational models. 3. Organizational design process. 4. Organizational design and macrostructure: the elementary structures, functional, divisional, matrix, horizontal and networks. 5. Organization and people. 6. Organizational design and microstructure: the people’s work, tasks, roles. 7. Division and work’s coordination. 8. Technology’s impact on the organization. 9. Learning and organizational change. 10. The organizational behavior and its determinants. 11. The motivation, leadership, team working and team building. 12. The skills. 13. Assessment tools, differentiation and development of human resources. 14. The organization of the SSR and healthcare company (hospitals).

Textbook Information

  • Organization Theory and Design

    Students can prepare for the exam using as a guide the slides of the lessons, properly integrated and enriched with notes taken during the lessons.
    Additional information relating to the reference material will be provided by the teacher during lessons.