Module Risk Management in Ostetricia

Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: Lina Maria GUELI

Course Structure

Frontal teaching with cp and screen to view the study material. 
Mainly frontal exposure with final space reserved for students' questions for clarification. 
Material prepared in addition e sharing

Required Prerequisites

The cultural requirements are given by a level of knowledge and skills in organizing risk management in obstetrics. Curricular requirements achieved by passing the CL in nursing and the CL in obstetrics where the adequate preparations are acquired.

Attendance of Lessons

Programming according to the layout of the classrooms of 3/4 hours of lessons

Detailed Course Content

Course program
Definition of clinical risk applied in obstetrics
Cause of increased incidence of "obstetric emergency
Team value in obstetric emergencies collaboration with other professionals
Obstetric Emergencies:
obstetric shock triggering and predisposing factors (GEU, Abortion, etc.)
hemorrhagic shock intrapartum placenta previa and placenta previa accreta
hemorrhagic obstetric shock in pathologies of the secondary lacerations of various degrees with or without episiotomy
rupture of uterus obstetric emergency
severe uterine atony EPP emergency
Fetal emergencies:
operative delivery. Obstetric suction cup, maternal and fetal consequences
shoulder dystocia maternal and fetal consequences
cord prolapse fetal consequences
Diseases of pregnancy:
management of hypertensive crisis - Pre clampsia - eclampsia - HELP

Textbook Information

M.Martini C. Pelati clinical risk management Mc Graw Hill milan 2011
Emergencies and urgencies in the DELIVERY ROOM Antonio Ragusa and Claudio Crescini Piccin

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

Ongoing project evaluation
Oral test if requested by the CI coordinator

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

question examples:
How do you intervene in case of EPP?
How do you collaborate with the team?
In shoulder dystocia which procedures to apply and how to collaborate to resolve the emergency in quality and safety?