Academic Year 2015/2016 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff Credit Value: 6
Scientific field
Taught classes: 42 hours
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Detailed Course Content

  • Applied Physics

    Physical quantities and their measurement Physical quantities. Dimensional analysis. Units and systems of measurement. Scalar and vector quantities. Analytical and graphical representations. Instrument characteristics of instrument. Measurements and uncertainties.

    Mechanical waves and acoustic – Wave phenomena. Period and frequency. Amplitude and energy. Wave propagation. Pressure levels. Sound. Transduction in acoustics. Clinical applications of ultrasounds.

    Electromagnetism: Electric charge. Electric fields. Gauss' Law. Electric potential. Capacitance. Current and resistance. Circuits. Magnetic fields. Magnetic fields due to currents. Induction and Inductance. Electromagnetic Waves.

    Matter and radiation: The spectrum of electromagnetic waves. The atomic structure and quantum theory. Absorption and emission of electromagnetic waves. X-rays and the principles of radiology. The nuclear structure and natural isotopes. Alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Radioactivity. Law of radioactive decay. Biological effect of ionizing radiation. Radiotherapy. Dosimetry. Elements of nuclear medicine.


    1.Brief introduction to epistemology of knowledge

    2. Scientific use

    3. Types of measurement scales: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scales

    4. Representation of data in graphs and tables

    5. Central indicators, variability indicators, asymmetry and kurtosis

    6. Probability, sum and product principle

    7. Probability application

    8. Diagnostic tests: sensitivity, specificity, predictive values

    9. Relative risk and odds ratio

    10. Probabiloity distributions: binomial, Poisson and normal

    11. Standardized Gaussian curve

    12. Inference: central limit theorem ,sample distribution of the mean and standard error

    13. Confidence interval for the mean and variance

    14. Hypothesis test: null and alternative hypotheses

    15. Significance tests between two groups: Sudent t test for dependent and independent groups

    16. Contingency tables and chi square test

    17. Brief description of linear correlation and regression

    18. Ordinal, interval, non-parametric tests

Textbook Information

  • Applied Physics

    Borsa F. e Lascialfari A., Principi di Fisica per indirizzo biomedico e farmaceutico, Edises

    Lecture notes provided during the course.


    Statistica medica per le professioni sanitarie 2/ed

    di: Pasquale Bruno Lantieri, Domenico Risso, Giambattista Ravera . McGraw-Hill Libri Italia srl: Milano ISBN: 8838616353 Prezzo: Euro 28,00,