Department Organization

The Department Council leads, plans, coordinates and monitors the work of the Department as set out in law, Statute and Regulations.

The Council is composed by all the Professors and full-time researchers of the Department.  Along with the Steering Committee, it plans, each year, the recruitment needs (structured in discipline sectors) for new professors and reasearchers.

The Department's didactic business, activating and de-activating courses, and running general services are carried out by the School of Medicine which encapsulates all the medical departments. It also links up with the National Health Service.

Delegates of the Director of the Department

  • Prof. Renata Rizzo (International Relations and Erasmus+ programme)
  • Prof. Lorenzo Malatino (Scuola Superiore di Catania/School of Excellence)
  • Prof. Lucia Frittitta (Teaching activities)